DS10 behavior with failed Dallas chip>
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Rich Jordan
2020-11-16 22:47:11 UTC
DS10 with an apparent failed power supply. RMC still worked but attempting to power up from RMC failed, and using the front button we got the p/s fan on, RMC never said returning to comm port, and no other signs of life. RMC reported server power off.

We plugged in another p/s known good, and it does power up, gets through the initial lines showing onboard hardware, then hangs at teh "Initializing GCT/FRU" line. That happens even with all of the PCI cards removed so its not a peripheral error or SCSI problem. Reseated the memory DIMMs, same behavior.

I'm afraid its the mainboard but can a failed or faulty Dallas clock chip cause a problem like this? Any other known culprits?

The original DS10 the test power supply came from booted up fine after it was reinstalled so We know it is not the cause of the hang. I didn't th ink of swapping Dallas chips while both machines were here and open.

Thanks for any info.
Phillip Helbig (undress to reply)
2020-11-17 09:18:30 UTC
Post by Rich Jordan
DS10 with an apparent failed power supply.
My impression is that the DS10 and later hardware is not as robust as
that which came before.