P410 on RX2660 - internal cabling
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Rod Regier
2020-11-25 13:33:47 UTC
I am trying to production deploy a P410 Smartarray controller in an RX2660.

P400 Smartarray deployments in an RX2660 use the existing 2*AB419-67013 cables. Those cables are described as SFF8484/SFF8484.

I have successfully used SATA drives on RX2660 internal drive backplane (front access) and the P400 setup.

P410 controllers are cheaper, faster and easier to source. (Newer design).

I have successfully tested full OpenVMS operations incl boot with a P410 in an RX2660 using cabling for an *external* enclosure - different cabling.

If I try connecting that exact same working setup to the internal SAS/SATA backplane (front access) using two different brand SFF8087 (P410 end) to SFF8484 (backplane) cables the controller can't detect the same SATA drive plugged into the backplane in either of the "low 4" or "high 4" slots.

SFF8087/SFF8484 cables used:
Tripp Lite S510-003
Monoprice 108191

I don't believe there are wiring variants of the SFF8087/SFF8484 cables.

Any ideas?
Rod Regier
2020-11-25 16:01:32 UTC
Solved. Works.
Apparent SFF8087 connectors seating issue (at P410 end).
The SFF8087 connectors are hard to see when the P410 board is installed in the I/O backplane.